Seminar Explores Faith and LGBTQ Intersection

Apr 19, 2012

MURFREESBORO, Tenn (WMOT)  --  The Scarritt-Bennett Center in Nashville is holding a conference this weekend designed to help Christians explore issues of sexual orientation and gender identity.

The Center’s Boo Tyson says the seminar is open to anyone interested in the intersection of faith and LGBTQ issues. She especially hopes the conference will attract those in leadership positions in the Christian community.

“Our Idea is to engage in kind of open and honest conversation about what it means to have people who are in the coming-out process, if you will, in our religious communities and in our families, of how we might draw the circle wide to include them.”

Tyson says she understands this is a difficult topic, but says it’s sometimes necessary to have what she refers to as “risky conversations.”

The Scarritt-Bennett Center’s Draw the Circle Wide seminar is open to the public. Registration and a small fee are required. The conference gets underway Friday evening at 7 p.m. in the Harambee Auditorium.