Shortage of Pistachios Drives Up Prices of Turkish Cuisine on The World for 3-12-14

PRI's The World - with Host Marco Werman  

As violence flares again in Venezuela, Marco chats with 24-year-old student leader, Juan Requesens, a rising figure in the turmoil there.

Also today, the story of Berkin Elvan, the teenager wounded in street protests in Turkey last year, who died yesterday. Thousands of mourners marched through Istanbul today to remember him.

We have another story from Turkey as well: a shortage of pistachios is driving up prices and hitting Turkish cuisine hard, especially producers of baklava.

And for our regular Wednesday food segment, we travel to Chicago, to hear from Dirk Fucik, a fishmonger in the Windy City who has come up with his own unique approach to the Asian carp crisis. Carpburgers.

We have a footwear scandal for you too: Pakistanis are outraged by a British fashion designer's appropriation of a traditional sandal.

Plus our own Nina Porzucki meets Ela Weissberger, an 84 year old survivor of the "model" Nazi concentration camp at Terezin.  Ms. Weissberger was here in Boston to visit a production of the children's opera "Brundibar," which was first performed at Terezin. She played the cat in the original production.