Student Arrested for Allegedly Photographing Women in Dorm Shower

May 24, 2013

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (ANFINSON/OSBORNE)  --  A Middle Tennessee State University student has been arrested for allegedly videotaping women showering in a dorm bathroom.

According to police reports, a female student taking a shower in Rutledge Hall in early March noticed a phone on top of the shower stall. The woman moved to another stall when she realized the phone was facing her, and appeared to be on.

When she saw someone grab the phone the student looked out to see a man leaving the bathroom.

On May 7, MTSU campus police arrested 22 year-old Cremaine A. Booker in connection with the case. Booker stands charged with 10 counts of Unlawful Photography in Violation of Privacy.

WSMV-TV is reporting that Booker worked as a desk assistant at Rutledge Hall. University officials confirmed that Booker was a student at MTSU, but would neither confirm nor deny that he was a university employee.

Student Sasha Adrian was on campus Friday for summer classes. She told WMOT News that this type of report is upsetting and leaves her with lots of unanswered questions.

“I would definitely feel very violated and creeped out and just mad at why he had the access to get in and the ability to take pictures of that.”

 Two female students have filed complaints in connection with the case. The incident comes to light more than two months after the victims' initial accusations and two weeks after the spring semester ended at MTSU.