Study: Tenn. arts non-profits add $1.17 billion to state economy

Jul 14, 2017


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WMOT)  --  A new study indicates Tennessee’s non-profit arts community adds more than a billion dollars and some 38,000 jobs annually to the state economy.

The Tennessee Arts Commission released the study which looked at arts impact in 341 communities in 19 states. Arts Commission Director Anne Pope says a major piece of that revenue comes from the live performances staged by Tennessee’s ballet companies, theater groups, orchestras and other arts venues.

“Our non-profit arts organizations in Tennessee put on events that attracted 18.5 million visitors who spent almost $700 million in event related expenditures.” 

The report drills down on those visitors, showing that they spend and average of just under $74 per person at local restaurants, gift shops and motels.

The Commission says an additional $136 million is generated for state and local government.

A contribution harder to put dollars and cents to is the 2.5 million hours some 49,000 Tennesseans volunteer to arts related activities.

Pope says overall the report suggests the arts are a good investment.

“I think this suggests that the investments that are made both locally and on a statewide basis in these organizations is very significant.”

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