Susannah: This opera is about you, Tennessee!

Apr 2, 2018

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE)  --  Nashville Opera will this weekend perform a work steeped in Southern culture and set here in Tennessee.

Susannah was written by famed American composer Carlisle Floyd, a native of the American South.


The tragic tale is set in a small church community in East Tennessee. An innocent young woman is shunned by her fellow Christians after being falsely accused of promiscuity.

Nashville Opera CEO John Hoomes says although Susannah was written in the 1950s it remains remarkably relevant.

“Everything we hear on the news about the truth, or what’s not the truth, or the term ‘Fake News’ is used a lot. This piece kind of shows the way rumors and fake news can destroy people’s lives.”

While Susannah is very much an opera, Hoomes notes its southern roots make it seem familiar and accessible. So if you’re trying the opera for the first time, or perhaps introducing a friend to the opera, Hoomes says Susannah is a good choice.

“We do so many works about gypsies, or kings and queens, or about dragons and things, but this piece is about us.”

Soprano Chelsea Basler sings the part of the title character for the Nashville Opera production of "Susannah."
Credit Michelle Mattox

Nashville Opera's Susannah opens at TPAC for the first of three performances Friday evening.

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