Tenn. Alzheimer's cases, costs on the rise

Mar 29, 2018

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE)  --  A new report shows the number of Tennesseans suffering from Alzheimer’s disease is up sharply, along with the cost of their care.

A report released earlier this month by the Alzheimer’s Association predicts the number of Alzheimer’s patients will jump almost thirty percent by 2025.

Credit alz.org

Tiffany Cloud-Mann with the Tennessee chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association says it isn’t so much that the disease is becoming more common, but rather that more people are reaching the most vulnerable age range.

“With 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 daily, we have more and more people at risk for developing the disease. Our last statistics from last year were around 110,000 Tennesseans were affected with the disease, and now we’re at 120,000.”

The Association says Alzheimer’s cost the nation $277 billion last year. If a cure isn’t found, that number is expected to top one trillion dollars by the year 2050.

Of course, Cloud-Mann notes dollar amounts don’t even begin to cover the toll taken on the estimated 435,000 Tennesseans currently caring for a loved one with the disease.

“Many of the care-givers are trying to keep their loved ones at home. Many of them have that goal. Unfortunately,  it just becomes such an encompassing disease that it’s really hard for them to do that.”

The Alzheimer’s Association provides a number of free services. They can help you make a plan of care, and point you available resources. They also host regular support groups for both caregivers and individuals dealing with the disease.

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