Tenn. Higher Education Leaders Get Behind Common Core

Jun 10, 2014

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WMOT)  --  More than 200 Higher Education leaders in 33 states, including Tennessee, are throwing their support behind the embattled Common Core education standards.

The formation of the Collaborative for Student Success was announced this morning during a nationwide conference call with reporters.

Tennessee Board of Regents Chancellor John Morgan served as a host for the Collaborative’s launch. He says higher standards are needed because one high school graduate in five isn’t prepared to succeed at the college level.

“We don’t think the Common Core standards and line assessments are silver bullet solutions, I wish they were, but like everything else in public education it’s going to take a whole range of strategic interventions. But we do believe that students who meet the expectations outlined by the standards will be prepared to enter our higher education institutions without the need for remediation.”

The Collaborative for Student Success will advocate for Common Core in state legislatures around the country where the standards have in some cases been watered down, postponed, or even dropped altogether.

Some opponents say the new standards try to move students too far too fast. Others say the standards are unwarranted federal intrusion into local schools.