Tenn. Senator Corker to Attend Meeting with the President

Mar 13, 2013

Senator Bob Corker
Credit senate.gov

WASHINGTON (AP) — Tennessee Senator Bob Corker was among GOP lawmakers scheduled to meet with President Obama on Capitol Hill Wednesday to discuss the current budget impasse.

The president told reporters Wednesday morning a deal may not be possible because Republicans continue to insist that no new revenues can be raised unless entitlement programs are significantly overhauled.

Obama, who has been stepping up efforts to talk to both Republicans and Democrats this week, told ABC News that current difference between the two parties may be too wide.

In a recent interview, Senator Corker talked about his objections to the president’s approach to the budget.

“There’s absolutely no focus on the types of things that Boles-Simpson laid out that they put in place: tax reform that broadens the base, lowers the marginal rates, drives the economy upward; ocusing on Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid, that we all know – especially in the case of Medicare – are going to be insolvent – and yet there’s zero leadership on this issue.”

The president says the purpose of his visits to Capitol Hill this week is to "identify what I call the common-sense caucus" in an effort to break the political gridlock.