Tennesseans Lend a Hand In Moore, Oklahoma

May 31, 2013

Credit salvationarmysouth.org/

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WMOT)  --  The Nashville command of the Salvation Army sent a volunteer team to Central Oklahoma this week to provide disaster aid.

A canteen truck left Nashville Thursday morning. The mobile kitchen has four-wheel drive and so is capable of reaching some of the hardest hit neighborhoods in tornado ravaged Moore, Oklahoma.

Spokesman Jason Martin says Salvation Army staff already on the ground in Oklahoma are telling the Nashville command that Moore will need help for months to come.

“We will be there indefinitely. There is a lot of devastation, a lot of destruction, a lot cleanup. Our team right now is scheduled to be there for 14 days and then they will probably come back and we’ll send another crew out there.”

Martin says one of the Salvation Army’s most important tasks in disaster is to provide emotional and spiritual support to survivors.

He notes that the charity is always looking for volunteers, but that volunteers sent into disaster areas must have specialized training before they can be deployed.