Tennesseans Providing Disaster Aid in New Jersey

Nov 20, 2012

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WMOT)  --  WMOT continues to bring you stories of Tennesseans providing assistance to Super-Storm Sandy survivors.

Ten students from Lipscomb University are in New Jersey this week helping home owners carry waterlogged furniture to the curb for disposal,  and tearing out flood-dampened drywall.

Lipscomb student Will Poff of Franklin says helping a senior citizen clear his house of debris has been a highlight of the trip.

“He said just ten minutes before we showed up he was praying that someone would come and help him clean out his house. He was very old and he could not move any of the things in his house. And then he said ten minutes after he prayed, our group walked around the corner.”

Lipscomb, a Churches of Christ affiliated university, is partnering for the relief effort with a New Jersey based Church of God ministry. The students will be returning to Middle Tennessee tomorrow.