Tennesseans Worried About Family in Storm Ravaged Philippines

Nov 11, 2013

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TACLOBAN, Philippines (AP/WMOT) — The latest reports say that the typhoon that struck the Philippines may have killed 10,000 people and that bloated bodies lie uncollected and uncounted in the streets.

The U.S. military has sent food, water, generators and a contingent of Marines to lend a hand. It's the first outside help in what will grow into a major international relief mission.

Matthew Solis of the East Tennessee Philippine-American Association says a lot of his members are still waiting to hear about family.

“Some of our members are still trying to find their family. They are still not able to communicate to them, so they don’t know if they’re still alive, or still missing. They’re still hoping that they’ll be able to communicate today.”

A U.S. Marine brigadier general who took a helicopter flight over Tacloban, one of the hardest hit cities, says "every single building" was destroyed or severely damaged.

For more information concerning relief efforts, visit the East Tennessee Philippine-American Association website.