Tennessee Arts Commission Hosts Creativity in Education Institute at MTSU

Create2012 will focus on aligning classroom instruction with 21st Century learning skills, which encompass creativity, imagination, problem solving, and critical thinking to support literacy in all subjects. Sessions will be offered for K-12 classroom teachers, arts specialists, teaching artists, special education, and resource teachers as well as principals and superintendents. By learning how to integrate the arts into all content areas, teachers will be trained to design, deliver and assess core content in a way that engages students as active participants in their own learning. Principals and school administrators will understand the importance of creativity to learning and utilize the arts as a way of establishing and / or enhancing professional learning communities among faculty. Create2012 is the first statewide academy of its kind in Tennessee, and MTSU with its roots as a teacher-training institution is the ideal setting for the four-day event.