Tennessee Colleges Report Crime Stats for 2011

Apr 5, 2012

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WMOT)  -- Crime is up significantly on Tennessee college campuses.

According to a report released yesterday by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, crime at state schools increased by more than 4 percent last year.

Of the several universities located here in Middle Tennessee, Fisk University appears to have fared the worst in 2011.  The report indicates Fisk had the mid-state’s worst crime ratios for assault, theft, and drug violations.

Vanderbilt students had the greatest number of sexual offenses. Vandy reported 13 incidents in total, including three rapes.

Middle Tennessee State University did relatively well by comparison.  There was a single rape on campus last year, down from two the year before.  Assaults were down slightly to 52 incidents in 2011. Drug violations were down by 20 percent.  Thefts were up slightly.

The yearly “Crime on Campus” report is mandated by the federal “College and University Security Information Act” of 1989.