Is Tennessee a Good Place to Survive the Apocalypse?

Nov 20, 2013


MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WMOT)  --  A Knoxville area real estate company is promoting Tennessee as a good place to ride out the end of the world.

In a press release out today, Don Busby of Country Places says he’s fielding a lot of calls from so-called “preppers;” survivalists who fear the United States is headed toward disaster.

Busby says interest peaked recently when a popular prepper author recommended Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau as a good place to retreat to during a national crisis.

“It’s a much more welcoming area for people of that mindset wanting to be protected or prepared. The mountains and the terrain around it is also a big factor. The distance from large cities is a factor.”

Busby says he’s already sold a number of pieces of land that come complete with a garden plot already cleared and a 40 foot steel shipping container in place for secure housing.