Thor's Nemesis Loki aka Tom Hiddleston on Q for 4-23-14

TODAY on "Q" 

-- Journalist, author, and academic Gavan Titley explains how pork has become a political symbol in Western Europe  -- Europe's far right politicians and activists are using eating pork (and the issue of dietary accommodation) to politically and culturally target Muslims.

-- Q re-airs Jian’s conversation with the entertaining and talented UK actor Tom Hiddleston.  He's an acclaimed interpreter of Shakespeare, but may be best known to moviegoers as the villain Loki, as seen in blockbusters 'The Avengers' and 'Thor.' He joined Jian in Studio Q to talk about his latest role, starring in a new film called 'Only Lovers Left Alive', directed by Jim Jarmusch (JAR-moosh) and co-starring Tilda which they play an immortal couple who have lived their romance for centuries.