Transgender Tennesseans react to Pres. Trump's military service ban

Mar 26, 2018

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE)  --  A prominent spokesperson for Tennessee’s Transgender residents says they are “angry and disgusted” over President Donald Trump’s latest order banning most transgender troops from serving in the military.


Marisa Richmond speaks for the Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition and also serves on the Metro Human Relations Commission. Richmond says that in spite of Trump’s assertions, transgender individuals can serve the nation’s armed forces effectively.

“So that’s why we have opposed it. That’s why the courts have consistently rule against these efforts by the administration and why we’re going to continue fighting back against it.”

Richmond does say, however, that transgender individuals currently on active military duty are now keeping a low profile.

“Some of the active service members haven’t been as visible or vocal because there’s a risk involved that they could potentially could lose their positions.”

The president’s order won’t go into effect immediately. No less than four federal courts have blocked the transgender ban pending rulings in the case.

Because of those court orders the Pentagon continues to allow those serving to stay in the military, and at least for now, also continues to accept new recruits.

The ban has significant support in Tennessee. Following the initial uproar over the ban’s announcement last summer, Republican U.S. Congressional Rep. Marsha Blackburn told the Tennessean that President Trump’s decision as Commander in Chief "should be respected."

Mid-state Congressional Rep. Scott DesJarlais also supports the president’s transgender ban.