US Policy Changing in Syria and Iraq More on The World for 6-27

The wars in Syria and Iraq are merging and US policy in both countries is having to shift and adapt. The World's Matthew Bell reports on the Obama Administration's move to send 500 million dollars to train and equip rebels in Syria and how that might affect the conflict both there and in Iraq.

Also today, as the debate over women in combat heats up in the United States, correspondent Daniel Estrin checks in on the women in the Israeli military who serve in combat roles. They're often held up as a positive example but Israeli policy hasn't been without conflict.

Plus, forest clearing around the world is often done illegally, in dense jungles far from the watchful eyes of authority.  But as Jason Margolis reports, regulators and environmentalists now have a new high-tech weapon at their disposal to fight it.

And finally today, our global nation editor Monica Campbell reports on the band Los Rakas, two Panamanian-American cousins in the Bay Area who rap about what it's like to be Afro-Latino and immigrants here.