Using Robots to Make Science Classes More Interesting

Jun 28, 2013

Teachers from Marshall, Robertson and Davidson counties work to build a doodler robot, June, 2013.

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WMOT)  --  A group of mid-state teachers have learned how to use robots to make science classes more interesting for their students.

Thousands of Tennessee teachers are being trained this summer in how to implement the new Common Core Curriculum set to go into effect this fall.

The new national education standards are intended to raise the academic bar for American students, to make them more competitive on the world stage. The standards have been adopted by Tennessee and 45 other states.

Lipscomb University in Nashville served as host for mid-state Common Core Curriculum training this week. One of the classes offered to teachers was a seminar on how to use engineering techniques, including robotics, to make science classes more interesting.

Twenty teachers were trained how to use the hands-on engineering techniques for students ranging from Kindergarten through High School. The three day seminar drew to a close Wednesday.