Vanderbilt Providing HIV/AIDS Assistance in Three African Nations

Jul 31, 2012

WASHINGTON (AP/WMOT) — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last week announced the U.S. will donate another $150 million to help poor countries battle HIV/AIDS.

However, a Vanderbilt researcher says U.S. AIDS assistance really isn’t increasing overall. Dr. Sten Vermund, Director of the Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health, says while some aid programs are being enlarged, others are being cut back.

Vermund says the U.S. has continued to fund AIDS programs overseas through tough economic times and changes in administration because of  rare, bi-partisan support.

“This really was supported by such diverse personalities as Edward Kennedy and Bill Frist – who were two champions of this program – and they certainly came from opposite sides of the political spectrum.”

Vermund says Vanderbilt is currently operating AIDS prevention and treatment programs in three African nations using federal funds.  He believes the money is well spent, citing security and economic concerns.