WMOT to Adjust Weekday Morning Schedule as Public Radio International Revamps Takeaway

Public Radio International and the producers of TheTakeaway have announced a major format change for The Takeaway. So, accordingly WMOT will adjust the morning schedule.  PRI has announced that after four years of producing The Takeaway as a four-hour program they will discontinue the early morning drive version  and will present a one-hour revamped Takeaway starting on September 3rd. 

Their press release states, “The DNA that drives the program now will remain at the center of The Takeaway.  We are even more committed to featuring the editorial content, talent and rich contributor base of stations across the country in the new program…Winding down the effort in morning drive is not an easy decision for PRI and WNYC.  We appreciate the support and enthusiasm for The Takeaway that you have shown by carrying the program.”

WMOT will still be broadcasting the 8am--9am version of The Takeaway starting on September 3rd.  We believe in our investment in this unique, participatory news magazine program that places, you , the listener at the core of the daily presentation of The Takeaway.  We are going to make several other changes to our early morning programming though.  We will be picking up one hour of Morning Edition that will run from 7am—8am on weekdays and we will extend Jazz with Bob Parlocha for two additional hours of Jazz from 5am-7am.

Again, we will be adding Jazz with Bob Parlocha from 5am-7am, Morning Edition from 7am-8am and the new one hour version of The Takeaway from 8am-9am Mondays through Fridays starting on September 3rd. 

We believe that you will enjoy our new morning news line-up and those of you who enjoy jazz will get to start your day with an additional two hours of jazz each weekday morning