On The World for 4-14-14 Crisis in Ukraine Intensifies

PRI's The World - with Host Marco Werman  

The crisis in Ukraine continues to intensify. We'll speak with Buzzfeed's Max Seddon in eastern Ukraine to get the latest. We'll also get the view from Moscow with the New York Times's David Herszenhorn. We'll ask Daniel Drezner, professor of International Politics at  Tufts Univeristy just how worried we should be about war breaking out.

Also today, The World's language editor Patrick Cox explores the language of pregnancy around the world. What do the words and their meanings tell us about different cultures and their approach to pregnancy?

Plus the latest UN climate report is an urgent call to action - we'll hear from one of the authors. We'll also hear the story of a climate activist in Florida who's set her sights on winning over Hispanic constituents to her cause.

And finally, on this first night of Passover, composer and accordionist Merima Klujco (Mary-mah clue-tchjoe) reflects on what the Sarajevo Haggadah means to her as a survivor of the Bosnian war.