The World Cup is Back on The World for 7-8

Summer is in full swing, but still lots to cover today from our Boston newsroom. Here's a taste of what we've got for you.

With violence flaring once again in the Middle East, we take you to Gaza to try to get a sense of how everyday life is being affected. Also, we spend some time looking at Iraq's ineffectual parliament, and whether that's helping or hurting the situation there. Plus, amid the renewed violence in Iraq we look at the role water -- or lack thereof -- plays in the conflict.

The World Cup is back in action today in Brazil, with the home team taking on Germany in the first of two semi-final matches. The fields have taken a beating during the tournament, but for the most part, it looks like the grass has held up well. But we wondered -- where does that grass come from? You'll want to stick around to find out.

Plus, we look back on the life of Alfredo di Stefano, a stand-out Argentine talent who reshaped the way soccer was played on two continents, South America and Europe. The "blonde arrow," as he was called, died yesterday at the age of 88. Widely considered one of the greatest players of all time, there's a curious twist to di Stefano's tale: he never played in a World Cup. Host Marco Werman speaks with writer Marcela Mora y Araujo, a Buenos Aires based soccer writer who interviewed di Stefano several times.