World Cup Review on the World for 6-26

Our soccer guru William Troop fills us in on the latest World Cup dramas before he takes off for Brazil himself.

Also today, foreign correspondent Marine Olivesi has brought us many of the most riveting stories of the Arab Spring. Her reports from the region have been alternately hopeful and daunting. Today she brings us the heartbreaking story of prominent human rights activist Salwa Bugaighis, assassinated yesterday in Benghazi, just hours after casting her ballot in Libya's general election.

Former US counterterrorism official Matthew Levitt helps us with your questions about who's funding the ISIS rebels in Syria and Iraq and how they move their money around.

Plus Hong Kong's experiment with democracy is making Beijing angry.

A UN official who has interviewed hundreds of children who have crossed the US border compares US refugee policy to that of other nations.

And finally, Betto Arcos tells us about a Mexican band influenced by a travelling circus.