The World Looks at the Kurdish Role in the Iraq Story and More World Cup for 6-13

Our top story continues to be Iraq. Baghdad remains tense after huge advances by militants towards the capital.

We continue to follow a number of angles on the Iraq story. Today, we're going to dig in and figure out what role the Kurds, who have taken back the city of Tikrit from militants, play in all of this. We will also tap into our online community of veterans to get their reaction to the news out of Iraq.

Plus, as we head into the weekend we're struck by not only the chaos in Iraq, but also the fact that Afghanistan holds elections this weekend, and that Bowe Bergdahl has arrived back in the US, after being exchanged for five Taliban prisoners. The strange nexus of all three of these stories is Guantanamo Bay. Carol Rosenberg has been following events at Gitmo for more than a decade, and she stops by to give her personal take, not just on the Bergdahl swap, but also to reflect on the wider issues and everyday life at Guantanamo. There's so much good stuff that we're letting it run long as the centerpiece of today's show.

World Cup fever continues apace.  Marco learns to say "Go Bosnia!" from a Bosnian in St. Louis who reflects his community's pride about appearing in the soccer tournament for the first time. And our World Cup predictor, Izzy the Ocelot, makes his first pick. Not to be missed. Meow.