A conversation with Beegie Adair and this week's guest on Improvised Thoughts, pianist Joanne Brackeen. Allmusic.com describes the remarkable Brackeen as "a gifted pianist and composer whose harmonically advanced, creatively complex, and rhythmically adventuresome music greatly enhanced the development of jazz during the closing decades of the 20th century."  We agree, and bring you this program first heard in 1994.

  Scott Yanow writes in the All Music Guide:  "One of the great jokesters in jazz (whose spontaneous monologues are as hilarious as they are tasteless), Jack Sheldon's personality has sometimes overshadowed his excellent trumpet playing and effective vocals ...

This week we welcome Shelly Berg whose debut recording as a bandleader, “The Joy”, had just been released (DMP-1996).  It was a well-received, straight ahead jazz piano trio recording.  “The Joy” would serve as an introduction to a remarkably talented and articulate musician who’d quickly excel at a broad range of musical disciplines.  Though referred to back then as “a talented if somewhat obscure pianist”, he was the chair of Jazz Studies at U.S.C.

Next time on Improvised Thoughts with Beegie Adair, we're joined by Carol Sloane. She is a "singer's singer" - one of those rare vocalists whose name may not be universally known, but is immediately identifiable, respected and admired by those who play the music & follow it closely.  

Improvised Thoughts w/ Beegie Adair & our guest tonight, Arturo Sandoval – in a program first heard in 1993.  Our featured music tonight – the CD Flight to Freedom, Arturo Sandoval’s first recording under the GRP label AND I Remember Clifford, released in March of '92, and received two Grammy nominations.