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Biden To Try To Smooth U.S. Relations With Turkey

Aug 24, 2016

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Australia has a controversial policy of intercepting refugees and migrants at sea and sending them to detention centers, paid for by Australia, in remote island nations. One of those centers is on Nauru, a tiny speck in the Pacific Ocean with just 10,000 citizens.

The refugees and migrants come from many troubled countries, including Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia, and some of them, including children, have complained of abuse at the Australian camp on Nauru.

EP 306 - Gnarled Remains

Aug 24, 2016

Howdy, listeners! And welcome back to another riveting episode of PleasureTown!

This week the Skippy, the town clerk, takes stock of what is left of PleasureTown in the wake of the Great Fire, all the while trying to manage the out-of-touch founders. Meanwhile, Elijah, leader of the newly displaced residents, strikes a deal with Enid Wallace to secure provisions for those under his care. But at what cost will profit come for these two parties? Find out below!

The nation's first "soda tax" on sugar-sweetened beverages, which went into effect in Berkeley, Calif., last year, appears to be working.

According to a new study, consumption of sugary drinks — at least in some neighborhoods — is down by a whopping 20 percent.