Wed November 13, 2013

Hospital Group to Press Governor on Medicaid Expansion

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MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WMOT)  --  According to an in-state trade group Tennessee hospitals have started laying off employees and reducing services as a result of the political struggle over the Affordable Care Act, more commonly referred to as Obamacare.

Tennessee Hospital Association President Craig Becker says that under the new health care law some federal funds that once flowed to hospitals were cut off. The law’s authors intended for those lost dollars to be replaced by an expansion of Medicaid.

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Mon November 11, 2013

Tenn. Open Government Advocates Alarmed by "Deliberative Process" Ruling

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP/WMOT) — Transparency advocates are warning about the ramifications of a recent Tennessee appeals court ruling that "high government officials" can keep documents secret if they deem them part of their decision-making process.


The appeals court decision upheld a lower court's ruling that then-Gov. Phil Bredesen was justified in denying records on the basis that they were part of his "deliberative process" about how to deal with TennCare protesters encamped in the Capitol in 2005.

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Mon November 11, 2013

Tenn. Sen. Bob Corker Voices GOP Fears Over Iran Talks

Tenn. Senator (R) Bob Corker appeared on Meet the Press Sunday.
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ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates (AP/WMOT) — Secretary of State John Kerry says that the major powers were unified on an Iran nuclear deal during weekend talks in Geneva but the Iranians were unable to accept it.

Earlier reports said France refused to accept the deal.

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, the ranking minority member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, appeared on the weekend news program Meet the Press to talk about the Iran negotiations.

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Mon November 4, 2013

New Chapter in Tennessee Textbook Controvery Opens Monday

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP/WMOT) — Tennessee lawmakers are holding hearings this week to review the state's textbook selection process.

The Senate Education Committee and the Senate Government Operations Committee will hold the hearings jointly Monday and Tuesday.

Lawmakers say the hearings are intended to seek clarity regarding the structure and function of the Tennessee Textbook Commission. The review was scheduled after some parents questioned textbook content.

Nathan James is a committee research analyst.

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Fri November 1, 2013

State Senator to Speak to Group that Promotes Secession

Senator Niceley, (L); Rep Matheny (R)
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MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WMOT)  --  A Tennessee state legislator is scheduled to speak to a group that advocates for a second southern secession.

The website of the Southern National Congress says that Senator Frank Nicely of Strawberry Plains will speak at a three day meeting the group will hold this weekend at Fall Creek Falls State Park.

State legislator Judd Matheny of Tullahoma was also scheduled to address the group, but a spokesman for Rep. Matheny tells WMOT that he bowed out some weeks ago.

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