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We have an update on our transmitter issues.   We have traced our transmitter problem to the stereo exciter.  This means that we gone into analog mode on our HD transmitter to maintain our primary signal.  This is a smaller transmitter so we will be operating at a reduced power level until we can get those parts in and installed.  Hopefully, that will be done in several days.

Thanks for your patience.

The seafood you eat may have been caught by slaves

That seafood you bought from the supermarket or the calamari you had at a restaurant may have a dark history.

FROM THE NEWSROOM:  First, the Saudis launched air strikes in Yemen. So what does it all mean?  We'll unpack it.  

We are experiencing some  tranmitter issues and have been popping off and on the air this morning.  Our Chief Engineer is working on the problem and we hope to be back up with a reliable signal later this morning.  Thanks for your calls and we will let you know when we have everything resolved.

Women's Studies Conference

Mar 24, 2015

Middle Tennessee State University is set to host an interdisciplinary conference on global discourses in Women’s and Gender Studies this Thursday, March 26 through Saturday, March 28.

There will be a preconference day on Wednesday, March 25. 

The conference will showcase a wide variety of panels that relate to women’s and/or gendered existence. Some of the scheduled programs include: Equality and Issues of Equal Pay, Texual Analysis and Feminist Pedagogy and Youth, Gender, and Sexuality in Education.

Pixar's Pete Docter gets into our heads with Inside Out

Oscar-winning animator Pete Docter on his surreal new feature film about the emotions that drive kids and adults alike.