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Interesting times in Havana these days. A high-level US delegation is in Cuba for talks. At the same time, a Russian spy ship is docked in a Havana harbor.

Today's guest host is DAMIAN ABRAHAM

-- Renowned magician RICKY JAY talks about mastering sleights-of-hand in the new documentary "Ricky Jay - Deceptive Practice."

-- Country musician DOUG SEEGERS talks about his transition from living homeless in Nashville to earning a hit song in Sweden -- all while in his 60s.

At the center of the controversy over the Charlie Hebdo attacks is this: Islam frowns upon the depiction of the prophet Mohammed.

But it wasn't always this way, as Christiane Gruber, Professor of Islamic art at the University of Michigan, tells host Marco Werman. Gruber discusses whether or not the Quran really bans depiction of Prophet Mohamed, and where the history of the debate of depicting the Prophet comes from.

The International Collegiate Broadcasting System has just announced the finalists for its 2015 Awards Competition.   Three of the finalists contributed stories to WMOT that have been announced as finalists in the IBS competition.  Each of them is an  Electronic Media Communication  Department student in the Middle Tennessee  College of Mass Communication.    John Sloss is up for Best Newscast,  Emily Kinzer for Best News Feature Story " Therapy Services"  and Chris Davis for Best Spot News  "Kidnapping in West Town."

Today's guest host is DAMIAN ABRAHAM

-- CHARLIE WILLIAMS, co-creator of the Cuddlr [CUDDLER] app, on how platonic cuddling can help us conceive of a new way of relating to each other.

-- Filmmaker RORY KENNEDY discusses her documentary "Last Days in Vietnam," which highlights Americans who defied orders during the Vietnam War.