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Ebola's on our mind today and not just because of a scare about a possible case in our home town of Boston. We plan to check in with one of the countries with the highest number of Ebola cases, Sierra Leone. We'll find out why their national soccer team is being treated like a pariah. Also, are you still unsure about how the Ebola virus works and how it spreads so easily despite all the precautions? We've got Ebola 101 on The World today.

TODAY on "Q" 

-- This American Life producers Sarah Koenig and Julie Snyder talk about the show's first spinoff, "Serial," and the popularity today of serial (verses episodic) storytelling. "Serial" is a podcast about the true story of a murder in Baltimore in 1999 that's told over the course of a whole season.

Everyone knows Malala, but who's the other guy?!  Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan and Kailash Satyarthi of India share the Nobel Peace Prize for their work on the rights of children. We'll find out more about the lesser-known Satyarthi and his battle against child slavery.

Also today, the US Ambassador to Liberia tells us about daily life in the capital Monrovia and the challenges ahead in the fight against Ebola there.

TODAY on "Q" 

-- Marilyn Hagerty shot to fame in 2012 with a review of her local Olive Garden that went viral. Now, the 88-year-old Grand Forks, North Dakota columnist returns to Q to talk about her latest review of her local Applebee's and why her unpretentious restaurant reviews are connecting with people.

We're pursuing lots angles on Ebola -- we'll go to Spain where people are rattled by lapses in the way the system has responded. We'll also hear how deforestation and climate change may be exacerbating the dangers of diseases like Ebola, and how Kenya's tourism industry is taking a hit because of fears about the disease. We'll also have a nurse with experience dealing with Ebola patients walk us through the proper technique for putting on and taking off protective gear.