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An American chef won Naples' famed World Pizza Cup? Impossible you say? More in just a minute.

First, though, we're taking a hard look at Homeland Security on The World today. With a budget impasse looming, and the threat of at least a partial shutdown, we have some questions about what, exactly, the Department of Homeland Security does, and how much funding it takes to do it. Security expert Juliette Khayyam will help host Marco Werman and the rest of us sort it all out.

Today's guest host is RACHEL GIESE.

-- VIRGINIA EICHHORN, curator of a new Canadian art exhibit called "Getting Naked," speaks to why Canadian culture tends to shy away from nudity.

-- Photographer MADS NISSEN shares the story behind the intimate shot that won him this year's World Press Photo Award.

Mysteries both above and below ground today on The World. We'll explain in a minute.

Today's guest host is RACHEL GIESE.

-- "Cam Girlz" is a new documentary about women who strip, tease, and more for viewers streaming online. Director SEAN DUNNE and pseudonymous cam girl “AWESOME KATE” explain why they think camming has become a tool of empowerment.

Have you ever heard of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Well, it's the object of worship for a small church in Germany. More on that story in a minute.

First, though, we're digging in today on Iran-US relations. First, Barbara Slavin, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, fills us in on the latest round of talks in Geneva about Iran's nuclear program. At the same time that the two nations are trying reach a deal on nukes, reports are emerging that the United States and Iran are both stepping up cyber-attacks against each other.