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Miss P steals the show at the Westminster Kennel Club. More on the British Columbian beagle in a minute.

First, though we're spending a good portion of the program today talking about ISIS, and efforts to counter their message. We'll speak with Graeme Wood, who has written about ISIS for The Atlantic, about the extremist group's ideology. Then, we'll take you to Libya, where ISIS has made huge inroads in the past few months. Host Carol Hills, in for Marco Werman, hears more on that from Libyan analyst Mohamed Eljarh.

MTSU Baseball begins this evening at 5:20 pm on our bloomtown repeater at 92.5 fm.  This is the first of a three game set coming from Jacksonville, FL and will feature Jacob Rose on play by play and color.   92.5 fm also broadcasts old time radio programs so you can enjoy those as well in the Murfreesboro and Woodbury area.  By the way, this is the same programming you can get throughout the Nashville to Murfreesboro region on our HD-2 signal portion of the WMOT-FM main signal if you have an HD radio.

-- Photographer CHLOE ELLINGSON discusses her project "The Differences Between Us," an intimate look at some of the real problems loving couples face.

-- Looking ahead to Valentine’s Day, the Canadian indie-pop band STARS perform in Studio Q and band members AMY MILLAN and TORQUIL CAMPBELL discuss their approach to romantic song writing.

From tragedy, a glimmer of hope.

The senseless murder of three students in North Carolina made headlines around the globe.  One of the victims, Deah Barakat, was a dental student who had volunteered to go on a trip to Turkey to help Syrian refugees. He'd been planning the trip with a Chicago-based dentist, Ala Dean Atta. Today on the show, Atta discusses how the tragedy put a spotlight on the project, and helped boost funding.

There is a great deal more than terror lurking behind Edgar Allan Poe’s haunted, sunken eyes.

One of America’s great literary geniuses will be explored in depth at “A SymPoesium on Place” from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 18, in the Simmons Amphitheater of MTSU’s Paul W. Martin Sr. Honors Building.

Scholars from the United States, Germany and Russia will dissect Poe’s life and work from perspectives of what place meant to him.