Wed October 19, 2011
Tennessee Teachers K-12 Can Attend Free

MTSU Convenes 10th International Holocasut Studies Conference

Scholars from 15 nations will participate in the four day conference.  For the first time, MTSU will underwrite the cost of attendance for Tennessee teachers grades K to 12 on Saturday.


Wed October 19, 2011
Birther attempt to indict President Obama?

"Kookie" Birther Case Out of Monroe County

A Georgia man is being tried in Chattanooga this week for allegedly trying to take over the Monroe County Courthouse in a "birther" attempt to indict President Obama.


Tue October 18, 2011
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Flood Recovery Continues 18 Months after Spring 2010 Disaster

The United Methodist Church is sending canvassers door-to-door in Middle Tennessee, looking for flood survivors still in need of assistance 18 months after the spring 2010 disaster.


Tue October 18, 2011
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Senator Alexander Pushes for Bi-partisan Solution to "No Child" Problems

Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander says lawmakers should work together to make needed changes to the federal education program by no later than Christmas.


Thu October 13, 2011
Attorney Alfred Knight Dies

Father of Tenn. Open Government Laws Dies

Nashville attorney Alfred H. Knight III shaped many of the laws that forced Tennessee to open records and meetings to the public and journalists.